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Prices for individual image sizes


(aka Cheek Art)

If you are concerned your child might smear or try to remove their first Face Painting this is the best choice until they get used to having this done in the future.

Price: $3

Price Per Hour: $60.00


For those children who are used to having their face painted this is the next step up. It is also a good choice without the fear of ruining it if they are going out afterwards to show their freinds.

Price: $5

Price Per Hour: $60.00


Now that they are comfortable with Face Painting what a better way for them to really express themselves than with half face images. They still maintain their identity while loving the faces on those who see them.

Price: $7.50

Price Per Hour: $60.00


Now we have the "Pros"! They're ready to go out and stun their friends with their facial transformation as whomever they want to be: Spider Man, a Cat, The Hulk, ... anyone or anything they want to be!

Price: $10

Price Per Hour: $60.00

Please Note:
The prices to the left are simply a guideline as the prices are based on actual images applied. Please ask for exact prices based on image #'s on the portfolio page ...... Thank you!

Special Package

2 hrs of Face Painting combined with 2 hrs of Karaoke?

When one child is getting their face painted the others are anxious and dont' know what to do but stand around. So, why not keep them busy with over 240,000 karaoke songs to sing to? Combined with this package is not only 2 hrs of Face Painting and Karaoke but we also bring Special Effects lighting to make the place sparkle even more.

Price: $199.00 ... a big savings over separate pricing

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